Houston Spin Clinic



How much experience do I need to attend?

  • None. All levels are welcome. There is an intermediate level track and an advanced level track offered. Come try it out, Push yourself, and learn something new. Clinics are a very laid back setting to have fun without any judgement.

  1. Do I need to bring my own equipment?

    • Yes, Origins will have equipment present; however, quantities are limited. We recommend always bringing your own equipment just in case.

  2. What do I wear?

    • Athletic form fitting clothing, and gym shoes.

  3. What is the day like?

    • The clinic itself is made up of 4 - hour long classes with a quick show and tell at the end of each class.

Location: Klein High School

Date: Saturday June 15th, 2019.

Time: 10am-6pm

Price: $25

We will be offering intermediate and advanced skill level classes at the clinic. You can bounce back and forth between levels however you choose.


Online registration for this event is now CLOSED. You can register at the door. Registration starts at 9am. Please check out our facebook page or Instagram for more details.